The Palenque 3D Archaeological Atlas

Arianna Campiani, Rodrigo Liendo Stuardo and Nicola Lercari, along with other colleagues have been collaborating with Scott McAvoy on developing a web-based Archaeological Atlas of Palenque. The idea is to gather in an online platform, easy to interact with, the digital recording of our excavations and the 3D documentation of the Palenque site core.

Specifically, by following the link associated with the image below, you will be redirected to the 3D Atlas website.

Several excavations and burial models are visible within this web-interface, mainly corresponding to the 2018 fieldwork season, where Lisa Johnson excavated J7 building in Group IV. You will be able to surf into the different layers of this excavation (operación 400). As well, you will be able to see a burial excavation (operación 401) with the photogrammetry of a vessel retrieved in a crypt, restored and digitally “re-contextualized” in it (models by MayaLab collaborator Mirko de Tomassi).

The results of this work are described in a journal article recently published in Digital Application in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

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