Week 2 of the 2023 Field Season

It was a busy week in excavations! Following days of removing humus and collapse, the architecture began to emerge! We are focusing on two different structural groups. As mapped, it was clear they were different in terms of structure size, form and orientation. Mo and Dee have been working in one group, excavating a pyramidal shape structure and a long, linear structure that abuts it. This small group appears to have been surrounded by water, making it a rather interesting group. Large concentrations of manos, metates and ceramics were found in the patio area surrounding the structures.

Mo and Dee begin excavating the pyramid and within days, walls emerge (photo: L. Johnson)

Next to the pyramid, Sergio and Pablo have quickly found intact walls, an inner room and a solid basal platform of a long, linear structure. Arianna and Lisa have been diligently documenting the architecture with photoplans and 3D scans.

Arianna takes a series of photos for a 3D rendering of Structure J17, and Dee and Mo go old school, drawing the architecture with pencils and graph paper (photo: L. Johnson)

In the other group of structures, the rest of the team have been hard at work excavating structures J33 and J37. Like other residential groups, we have been finding a diverse suite of materials including ceramics, figurines, manos and metates. Interestingly, we are also finding a number of exhausted blade cores and obsidian core shaping debitage.

Ian excavates Structure J37, revealing a nice set of stairs and JP finds obsidian cores at the base of the structure (photo: L. Johnson)

Next week will be another busy week!

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